How We Do It

How We Do It

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How we do it

We focus on developing your leaders and educate them to become the connectors and collaborators that YOU need to SUPPORT
Our revolutionary training is highly acclaimed:

•It has had real impact
•We are Registered UK Learning Provider
•Registered ILM Endorsed Provider

Our professionally certified courses, are specifically chosen to rapidly create peak performance, develop staff, managers and leaders. We embed a number of categories into our programs which include:
•Coaching & change development
•Leadership & team development
•Sales & client development
•Personal development
•Communication across culture

Othella® offers bespoke coaching and training which includes experiential learning.

Experiential learning is when an individual uses their life experiences as a source of information. This has proven to be a powerful way to address the individual's growth and potential. It is centred on the individual and not the training or the surrounded system and as a result is a "break out" of the conditioned training and teaching practices which constrain people's development in schools and work.

Also, experiential learning includes diversity which also strengthens intercultural working practices. By using experiential learning, a positive emotional effect is more likely to be produced; the individual becomes notably confident, has higher self-esteem and a sense of personal value and purpose.

Othella® understands that a learner requires delivery that has been adapted to their individual needs and the importance of the traditional aspects of teaching and training and external needs, for example, gaining qualifications. Therefore, we aim to use the best and appropriate learning and development methods for the given situation. We strongly believe that a balance of methods can satisfy both the organisation and external needs and also help the individual grow as a confident and contented individual.

People strive when they are fulfilled and grow according to their natural preferences. This improvement in confidence and self-esteem is seen far more than if they work towards only being skilled and measured in the extremely narrow competencies that those in authority deem to be vital.

Othella® can provide the organisation with direction to incorporate other learning and teaching styles into their training. This can give a more holistic approach and enables the individual's potential to grow, which can build a stronger workforce and sustainable communities.

Othella®... A process you can trust...

Othella® focus on “CQ” Intelligence

What they say about us...

Othella® has been instrumental in strengthening the Kenya Community Association Training programmes. Othella® developed a training programme for the Kenyan Youth and run a course on personal development. The course was well received and contributed towards improvement of youth abilities to engage with the wide community and develop individual confidence.

Recently Othella® participated in designing, delivery and evaluation of Health training and promotion workshop for Community Health Champions from different Kenyan and other BAME communities.

The training raised critical issues of Volunteerism and specific concerns about how BAME can better link with the PCT. The facilitator was very dependable, articulate, and met deadlines.

The programme delivered was excellent in the way of content, presentation as well as delivery.

Othella® worked well with everyone and values establishing long term partnerships with individuals and organisations.

Kenyan Community Association Merseyside

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