who are othella

Karen works in total confidence at strategic levels, her working practices have been recognised nationally. Over her career life span she has fed into many governmental and non -governmental Policy reviews and agendas for change.

othella consultShe transforms the words of academics into grass route application for organisational change using her vast bank of knowledge. All of her skills have been learnt over many year including Strategic Consulting, Business Strategy Development, Management, Coaching, Mentoring and Training and Inter –Cultural Communication, she has measured real impact of her past performance.

The solutions are in application of methods to improve key performance indicators (KPI’s) within your organisation. Karen understands that the most valuable asset you have is human capital and works with you to develop real solutions.

Big or small she can show you how to add value. Othella ®are also able to bring in their team of associates if required to further develop you or your organisation.

We provide a bespoke response to your organisational needs. We offer a step by step approach to assist your organisation to understand its interests and how to satisfy these interests in our diverse markets.

Prior to the initial project commencing Karen will discuss and assess a quantifiable result that you would like to achieve for your Business Development and Growth. This will assist you to decide if there is a commitment to your investment. If you choose to progress along with the initial assessment she will take you forward to develop an action plan integrating a number of topics depending on your KPI’s.

• Improving Operational Excellence
• Personal development
• Cross Cultural commination
• Diversifying into global markets
• Developing Service Delivery
• Managing with Awareness
• Managing Creativity in the workplace
• Managing Diverse Teams

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